The Benefits of Fluoride, From Your Dentist in Provo

Provo lowest price teeth bleachingFluoride is a mineral, plain and simple. But it has many benefits for the teeth of children and adults alike, and the dentists at Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry in Provo want  it to be part of your oral health routine.

Fluoride is contained in different foods as well as in water. Many  adjust the fluoride content of their municipal water. Fluoride is also added to dental products. This makes it possible for you to apply fluoride to your teeth when you brush your teeth or use mouth rinses.

Fluoride helps to rebuild weakened tooth enamel, and thus can reverse early signs of tooth decay. The fluoride you take in from toothpaste, water, and other sources becomes a part of your saliva. Consequently it is constantly bathing your teeth, and helping to rebuild the enamel.

Essential for Young Teeth

Fluoride is especially vital for kids. Between the ages of 6 months and 16 years old, both the primary and the permanent teeth come in. Fluoride exposure is extremely useful for creating a foundation for lifelong oral health.

Adults can get a boost of fluoride during routine dental cleanings at Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry. Helping our patients maintain good oral health is vital for us, and so is helping them achieve their dream smiles through cosmetic dentistry.

Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry has been serving the Provo area since 1967. We also provide family dentistry, and special services such as wisdom teeth extractions. We offer sedation dentistry to our patients with dental anxiety.

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