Implants vs Dentures or Bridges

Dentures Or Implants? Tooth Replacement Options In Provo

A dental implant in and of itself is simply a platform that can be employed to support a number of dental treatments. The three most common treatments used in conjunction with a dental implant are a dental bridge, a dental crown (artificial tooth), and dentures.

  • dentures vs implants with a dentist Utah County and OremIMPLANT WITH DENTAL CROWN | A missing or damaged tooth is often replaced by a dental implant capped with a dental crown. The crown is the visible portion of your tooth, and the root is the portion hidden beneath the gum. We use the finest materials in our custom dental crowns to create a beautiful looking and wonderfully functional tooth replacement. After the tooth implant and crown are placed, most will never know your implant and crown are not your natural tooth, and you will probably frequently forget you even have a dental implant.
  • DENTAL BRIDGE | When multiple teeth need to be replaced, a dental bridge is often suggested. A dental bridge is a series of artificial teeth connected together that “bridge” a gap in your smile. Implants, natural teeth, or a combination are used to support the dental bridge. As with our individual dental crowns, our dental bridges are masterfully crafted to look and function like beautiful, natural teeth.
  • dentures vs dental bridge Provo dentist in Utah CountyDENTURES | Traditional dentures are temporarily adhered to the gum and are therefore susceptible to slipping or falling out at embarrassing moments. People often experience a “sagging” face with traditional dentures because the lack of tooth roots in the gum and jaw lead to the jaw deterioration — causing the facial skin to sag and bag. Implant supported dentures help to reduce slipping, bone loss, and gum irritation.

Dental implants truly have revolutionized dentistry, and you can reap the benefits. Whether you are interested in a dental implant with dental crown, an implant supported dental bridge, or implant supported dentures, we’ve got you covered in Utah County! We offer all of these implant dentistry procedures at our Provo office for your convenience and comfort.

Call to schedule a visit with us in Provo today and learn if a dental bridge, dentures, or implants are the best option for you! We would love to answer any questions you may have if you are in Orem or Utah County.

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