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Provo Utah Dentist Special Services

wisdom teeth extraction with a Utah County dentistIn addition to our many cosmetic and restorative dentistry services, we also provide a number of specialty services to our patients in Provo, UT, and the surrounding area as well. Dr. Hammond and his team can help with the diagnosis and treatment of Halitosis as well as wisdom teeth removal and extraction. Contact our office today to learn more about the specialty dental services that we offer.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Our general dentistry services include wisdom teeth extraction. While few people are able to leave their wisdom teeth untouched, many people find that their wisdom teeth grow in sideways, only partly emerge, or are trapped beneath the gum surface. Wisdom teeth that are misaligned or cannot fit in a small jaw can cause infections and damage to other teeth.

To find out whether you need wisdom teeth extraction, call our office or fill out the form on this page to schedule a consultation. If you feel concerned about pain or the wisdom teeth extraction process, we offer sedation dentistry for increased relaxation.

Fresh Breath Center

Utah County Bad Breath Treatment

Are you compromising your social or business success? Welcome to the Fresh Breath Center at Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry!

It is estimated that there are up to 90 million people who suffer from CHRONIC BAD BREATH. It is an embarrassing problem that can be psychologically damaging, resulting in the loss of jobs, and personal relationships. Most people feel self-conscious about bad breath. Here at our office, we treat breath as a medical condition.

solutions for bad breath in Orem and ProvoBad Breath Is More Than a Social Problem

While bad breath originates in the mouth 80% of the time, oftentimes it is a symptom of underlying disease which needs the earliest possible treatment.

We will analyze the source of your bad breath, measuring the degree, and try to evaluate and SOLVE your problem in a limited number of visits.

Many times bad breath comes from Volatile Sulfur Gases present in the mouth. These gases come from the metabolic process of both bacterial and food debris. They are a source of mouth odor.

A personal interview, oral cancer exam, periodontal evaluation, intraoral camera screening and clinical tooth exam are used to properly diagnose your problem. Then the bad breath treatment can start, so you can KISS BAD BREATH GOODBYE!

Bad Breath Treatment
Once we have determined the degree and cause of the problem, the bad breath treatment can take many forms. If medical problems are found to be the underlying cause, proper referral will be made.

Dental problems account for the majority of breath disorders. These can range from broken, leaking fillings or obvious infection to impacted teeth and calculus buildup, which can harbor odor-causing bacteria.

If this is your situation, recommendations for your bad breath treatment will include correcting and treating any dental disease that is directly related to the breath problem.

Finally, an effective home care program will be designed for the destruction of the volatile sulfur gases. Our goal is a clean healthy mouth with FRESH BREATH!

Special Treatment Here in Utah County!

We look forward to helping you have a beautiful and healthy mouth. Whether you need bad breath treatment, general dentistry procedures, or you are looking for an excellent family dentistry practice, Dr. Chris Hammond and his team are here to help.

Call our Provo Utah office today or fill out the form on this page if you are in the Utah County area, including Orem!