What If My Child Loses Their Baby Teeth Too Early?

baby teeth fall out early? Provo

Baby teeth are imporant. Your child needs them to eat and to speak, of course, but they play an important role in the permanent teeth that come in as your youngster grows up. At Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry in Provo, our job includes helping kids’ baby teeth stay healthy.

When pre-teens lose their baby teeth too long before their permanent teeth are ready to come in, it can influence tooth spacing. We may recommend an artificial space maintainer to keep the remaining baby teeth in place. This ensures that there will be adequate space for the permanent teeth to come in.

When Is It ‘Too Early’ Or ‘Too Late’ For Baby Teeth To Fall Out?

Most youngsters begin losing their baby teeth around age 6. If your child’s baby teeth starting falling out before they are 4 1/2, let us know so we can perform an exam.

If your child hasn’t lost a tooth by 7 or 8 years old, it may also indicate a problem. Hopefully, you are already maintaining a twice-yearly dental visit schedule for your child. If not, we recommend that you start. Your child’s current and future health is at risk.

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