The Tea and Teeth Question

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What do you call a dentist who doesn’t like tea?
Why, Denis, of course.

Joking aside, a common concern for Lehi patients can be stained teeth. We’re Dr. Hammond here at Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry. Today, let’s talk a little bit about a common cause of tooth staining: dark beverages including tea.

Over time tea can stain the plaque that may eventually turn into tartar. Plaque can be brushed and flossed away. Thorough daily rituals of oral cleaning are valuable for this. Tartar (which forms if the plaque remains on the teeth for over 24 hours) on the other hand will need to be removed in office during a teeth cleaning appointment. Either way, between cleanings a wise method for avoiding tea staining is to rinse with water after drinking tea or to eat something and then to be sure to brush and floss all surfaces of the teeth at the end of the day.

If after an in-house cleaning the color of your teeth is still unsatisfactory, there is always teeth whitening as an option. Our practice offers many smile enhancing opportunities. You settle upon the problem, come see us, and together we’ll settle on the solution.

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The cost of living is going up in Lehi, Utah County, and American Fork. Come in Orem and let us share our competitive pricing, financial options and superb service with you. It doesn’t have to be costly to be valuable.

Our specialty is cosmetic dentistry. A popular service in our office is family dentistry. We would love to do dental implants if that appeals to you. Veneers, dental implants, crowns, partials. I love to have enlightened patients. Bring in your questions and we’ll get them answered.

Now you know that tea doesn’t have to stain teeth permanently. What’s your next question?