Look Younger With A Smile Makeover In Provo

Look Younger With A Provo Cosmetic Dental Makeover

Welcome to the Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry dental blog! We are Dr. Hammond. Perhaps you have heard that cosmetic dentistry procedures can totally transform a smile. You may be a little skeptical of the claims; after all, the promise of total transformation is a tall order. Are smile makeovers really possible? Absolutely! At Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry in Provo, we work miracles with modern cosmetic dentistry.

The success of smile makeovers in Provo depends upon the skill of the cosmetic dentist, the procedures performed, and the quality of the materials. At Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry, we deliver our best to our valued Provo, Provo, and Utah County cosmetic dental clients every day.

If your smile has several problems including cavities, stained teeth, chipped teeth, old silver fillings, or misaligned teeth, you may suppose that a smile makeover would take many hours and several visits. The truth is, the smile re-designs we perform currently are quicker and easier than ever before. We offer dental veneers, porcelain crowns, dental bonding, and tooth-colored fillings. Ask us about sedation dentistry, invisible braces, dental implants, and crown lengthening.

There are few physical features that bring continual long-term pleasure and satisfaction like a perfect smile.
My Orem smile makeover patients feel younger, more attractive, and more self-confident with their dramatic smile transformations. To book a cosmetic dental consultation at Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry today, call 801-374-0070 or visit /about.htm.