If My Child Doesn’t Have Crooked Teeth, Do They Still Need An Orthodontic Exam?

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Even if you don’t see any signs that your child will need braces, you should have them undergo a complete exam at Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry in Provo. That way, we can see exactly how tooth development is progressing.

When should a child be examined?

We recommend bringing kids in by the age of seven.

If my child has a gaps between their baby teeth, should I be worried?

Young children have gaps temporarily as their baby teeth fall out and permanent teeth come in. It doesn’t necessarily mean your son or daughter will have gaps in their permanent teeth. However, it’s important to have them examined before the age of seven.

If my child has a gap between the two front permanent teeth, do they need braces?

A gap between the two front permanent teeth is a very common issue. It can be caused by pacifier use or thumbsucking as an infant. If teeth are unusually small, it may create gaps between them as the jaw develops. In adults, gum disease or missing teeth can result in gaps.

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