put some power

Put some power in dad’s smile

  Guys love gadgets

But instead of an electronic tie rack or a battery powered staple remover for Father’s Day this year, why not give dad a gadget that can improve his oral health?

Brushing with a power toothbrush can be superior to a regular manual toothbrush, reports the Academy of General Dentistry, an organization of general dentists dedicated to continuing education. In clinical studies, the power toothbrush consistently demonstrates greater plaque removal and more improvement in gum health than is achieved with manual brushing.

“While some people may see the power brush as inconvenient, because of the batteries, bulkiness, etc., they do work well,” says Academy President-Elect and spokesperson James L. Walsh, DDS, FAGD. “They are particularly good for older people and those who have trouble holding a regular toothbrush,” he said.

One of the major benefits of power toothbrushes is that people are more likely to brush properly and for the full two minutes suggested by dentists for optimum plaque removal.

Dad’s a busy guy, and his healthcare routine may be one of the first things to get neglected in his dash through the day. In fact, recent surveys and studies point out that men are less likely than women to take care of their health. Meanwhile, the results of a another study positively linked good oral health to longevity.

So any gadget that can give Dad a boost in his health routine is a thoughtful gift. Priced at $30-$100, there is a power toothbrush for any budget.

Plus, it buzzes. Guys like things that buzz.