stressed out your dentist can tell

Stressed out? Your dentist can tell

Don’t try hiding the fact that you’re emotionally stressed over some negative life event because your dentist can most likely tell something’s wrong by just looking in your mouth, reports the Academy of General Dentistry, an organization of general dentists dedicated to continuing dental education.

A recent study investigated the relationship between negative life events and gum disease, and they found that emotional factors played a significant role in adult gum disease. Researchers discovered that the severity of gum disease increased with the number of negative life events experienced in a patient’s previous 12-month period. A life event was defined as a negative incidence that brought about a change in the individual’s usual activities.

“For example, marital or family problems, death of a relative, serious personal illness, serious illness of a close relative, a major financial difficulty or a burglary all of these events influence the severity of gum disease,” says J. Michael Adame, DDS, and spokesperson for the Academy of General Dentistry. “A patient’s perception of a traumatic event is the most important factor in the progression and severity of gum disease.”

“People who endure such negative occurrences tend to compromise their oral care,” says Dr. Adame. “To prevent these problems from affecting your oral health, frequently brush and floss every day, use a mouthrinse and have your gums and teeth evaluated by your dentist.”