The Painful Truth About Toothaches In Provo, Utah

The Painful Truth About Toothaches In Provo, Utah

Toothaches always get worse on Friday night right before the weekend.

Waiting to care for a sore tooth may leave your Orem dentist saying things like “I wish you had come to me sooner.” Even with all the various causes of mouth concerns, a toothache sends a simple, clear message: get it checked!

If you wait, the cost to treat it may get more expensive as the pain gets more extensive. Affordable dental care is available at Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry in Provo. Call Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry now for a straightforward yet essential consultation.


Mouth pain is never “normal.” Dr. Hammond expertly treat the causes of mouth pain including cavities, gum disease, broken crowns, mouth sores, and bite issues. Let Dr. Hammond take care of you and you will quickly be back to pain-free eating and grimace-free speaking.

Dr. Hammond, DDS is also well-versed in all things cosmetic dentistry can offer. Cosmetic dentistry in Provo, Utah creates confident smiles, a stronger face-to-face presence, and a clearer presentation of the real you.

It’s easy to schedule an appointment for cosmetic dentistry. In our Provo cosmetic dentistry office, patients who want cosmetic dentistry, family dentistry, or dental implants are given extraordinary, first-rate care.

Book a consultation for any dental implant questions, invisalign or braces questions, or veneer information. Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry offers superb dental wisdom when it comes to Invisalign, mini implants, dental crowns, porcelain veneers, and sedation dentistry.

Don’t wait to get in to our Provo family dental practice when a tooth demands your attention.


It’s Not Too Late To Get Them Straight

Provo Invisible Braces

Are you an adult in Orem with misaligned teeth? Do you regret not having orthodontic treatment when you were a teen? It’s not too late to straighten your teeth – and there are more types of braces available than ever before.

Perhaps you are not familiar with the latest types of braces. Here is a quick rundown of the most common types used in Orem, Utah County and Provo cosmetic dental practices.

If you don’t want the whole world to know you are wearing braces, ‘behind the teeth’ or lingual braces may be a good option. So-called ‘invisible braces’ work great for many Provo men and women of all ages. Some types of braces are offered in ceramic, which are also less visible than metal braces. These are often called ‘clear braces.’

Invisalign, Damon, and iBraces, are some of the trade names of proprietary orthodontic systems used in the Utah dental community.

Once the orthodontia patient has completed treatment, he or she needs to wear a retainer to keep those pretty teeth in line. The traditional Hawley retainer consists of a metal wire that surrounds the teeth and holds them in place. The metal wire is attached to a molded acrylic form that fits snugly in either the upper or lower part of the mouth.

Clear retainers are also popular with Provo orthodontists and their patients. They fit the teeth like a transparent glove without the need for hardware. Some Orem patients believe clear retainers are more comfortable than other types.

If you want more beautiful teeth, come into Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry in Provo and discuss your goals with Dr. Hammond, DDS. Hammond will examine your teeth and recommend the most effective system for you.

Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry is a full-service general, family, and cosmetic dental practice. We have been exceeding expectations since 1967. Ask us about cosmetic dentistry, sedation dentistry, and porcelain veneers.

You Won’t Miss The Metal With Invisible Braces In Provo

You Won't Miss The Metal With Invisible Braces In Provo

Hello! Welcome to my Provo dentistry blog. Do you have crooked teeth? Do you wish you would have had braces as a kid, but feel it is too late now? Maybe you feel self-conscious about smiling with a mouth full of metal. I have good news for you: at Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry, we offer invisible braces.

The main advantage of invisible braces is that it is nearly impossible to see them while they are being worn, but the results are definitely noticeable!

Don’t let the absence of metal fool you. The clear removable Invisalign aligners effectively correct the alignment and crowding problems that can affect the overall health of your teeth.

My name is Drs. Hammond of Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry. My staff and I want you to feel great about your smile. In addition to invisible braces, we also offer dental restorations, teeth whitening, and porcelain veneers. Did you know that dental veneers can correct some alignment problems?

Please call my Provo office today at 801-374-0070 to schedule an orthodontic consultation. Your oral health is important, so make sure you are getting the regular exams and cleanings you deserve. Here at Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry, we provide the highest possible standard of dental care.

Don’t let crooked teeth prevent you from the smile you deserve, ask us about invisible braces today!

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Relieving Dental Anxiety through Sedation Dentistry In Orem

Sleep Dentistry At Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry

Dental visits can be extremely stressful and for some Orem residents, the fear and anxiety associated with a trip to the dentist prevents them from getting the care they need. At Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry we provide the best oral sedation dentistry available. We will accommodate your needs with minimal, moderate, or deep sedation.

Don’t let dental dread keep you from achieving a perfect smile.

According to a national survey by the American Dental Association, Crest, and Oral B, the smile is the number one physical trait. Don’t let your smile go unnoticed.

In addition to sedation dentistry, at Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry we offer our Orem clients a variety of procedures, including cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry, porcelain veneers, Invisalign clear braces, and general dentistry.

At Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry, our professional staff will provide the best possible care for you and your family.

Whether you need preventive care or cosmetic dentistry, the friendly and professional team at Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry will give you something to smile about!

For more information on oral sedation dentistry or any other dental procedure, contact us at 801-374-0070.

We are located at 3575 N 100 E, Ste 200   Provo, Utah 84604 Call today!

Straighten Teeth Fast in Provo

Color Braces Poorly aligned teeth? Think it takes forever for braces to straighten them? Think again. There are many new types of braces available in Provo. In some cases, teeth can be straightened in a few months and then, with braces off–a fantastic new smile.

If you are considering straightening your teeth, come into Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry in Provo for an cosmetic dentistry consultation. We can discuss the new types of braces.  Dr. Chris Hammond, DMD, will explain the pros and cons of each type and recommend the most effective (and quickest!) system for your teeth.

The first things most adult Provo teeth-straightening clients ask about are the newer systems, sometimes called clear braces and adults braces. Invisalign is a popular orthodontic system in Provo. Many of our adult orthodontic patients have been embarrassed by their crooked teeth for many years and have developed a habit of covering their mouth when they smile. It is great to see them smiling confidently after they have completed treatment.

Younger clients usually have a different attitude about braces. They seem to consider braces more like a fashion accessory and are not afraid to show them off. Provo area teens are interested in color braces and colored rubber bands braces. During orthodontic consultations, they usually ask about the possibility of a clear retainer to maintain teeth alignment after their braces have done their job.

Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry

-Helping Your Smile Last a Lifetime

How Do You Measure Success in Provo?

Affordable Orem Tooth Bleaching At Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry, we are all about success. Dr. Chris Hammond’s experience, ability, and commitment to dental excellence result in successful outcomes daily for our dentistry clients. Each team member at Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry shares Dr. Hammond’s passion for success.

For many Provo dental patients, success is a routine check-up that reveals healthy teeth and no cavities. For our cosmetic dental clients, success is a stunning smile makeover using veneers, teeth whitening and tooth-colored fillings. For our Provo patients with a missing tooth, dental implants are used to successfully restore their smile. It is exciting to see implant recipients smile for the first time after receiving their new tooth implant.

We also enjoy completing successful tooth-straightening procedures for youth and adults with Invisalign invisible braces. Though these transformations take longer than one-visit smile re-designs, the results are no less incredible. In fact, our Provo orthodontic patients probably appreciate their straight teeth and beautiful smile more than any of our other patients.

Success sometimes means removing tetracycline stains for a Provo teeth bleaching patient who has been hiding his/her smile for years. Sometimes, success is as simple as helping a nervous patient feel relaxed and comfortable during their visit to our Provo family dental office.

What do you desire for your smile? At Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry, our success depends on your complete smile satisfaction.

To meet our team and discuss your smile specifics, call Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry at 801-374-0070.

Orem Cosmetic Dentistry

Affordable Provo Family Dentistry Orem cosmetic dentistry not only perfects your smile, It improves the health of your teeth. It makes your face more attractive. It can help with TMJ issues, and it definitely boosts your self-esteem!

What’s more, Orem cosmetic dentistry is surprisingly quick and virtually pain-free. Why? Because of advanced dental technology and new oral conscious sedation options.

At Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry, Dr. Chris Hammond perform dental miracles everyday. Regardless of the number of teeth affected, Dr. Chris Hammond re-design smiles and correct problems by skillfully performing cosmetic dental treatments.

Invisalign invisible braces can be the answer for misaligned teeth. Even if you have suffered with crooked teeth for years, a short time enduring braces will be well worth it. We have Orem orthodontic clients of all ages. It’s never too late to straighten your teeth!

If you have teeth that are decayed or otherwise damaged, there are several remedies. Porcelain crowns, inlays, onlays, dental bonding, dental veneers are some of the effective procedures.

What if a tooth is missing entirely? A dental implant is a complete restoration; including a new root!

Perhaps all of this sounds too good to be true. If you are a skeptic, schedule a smile makeover consultation today and find out for yourself. Dr. Chris Hammond will explain how your teeth can be transformed and you can see before and after photos.

We are located at 3575 North 100 East, Suite 200 in Provo. Call 801-374-0070 for an informative, no-pressure discussion with Dr. Chris Hammond.

Bright Purple Mouth When You Smile In Provo?

Provo Invisalign Remember when Orem adolescents undergoing orthodontic treatment were mortified by their metal mouth? Thankfully, those days are over. The Orem teens of today wear their braces proudly and make no effort to hide them. They know they don’t need to wait until their teeth are aligned to flaunt a striking smile; they enjoy flashing their brightly-colored braces in all their glory.

Another plus? Just as they mix and match their clothes and shoes, teens can change their wires and bands every time they visit their Orem dentist or orthodontist. Braces have become another fun way for Orem fashion-forward teens to express their personality.

Of course, there are still some kids (and many adults!) that are not thrilled about having metallic fuchsia bands and neon yellow wires adorning their teeth. Discrete Invisalign invisible braces are virtually undetectable and straighten teeth just as quickly and effectively as metal braces. Another benefit of the invisible braces is that the aligners are not permanently attached to the teeth. Invisalign aligners are easily slipped out for brushing, flossing, meals, and sports. If your Orem child plays a musical instrument that defies traditional braces, removable aligners may be the best option.

If you or one of your children need orthodontic treatment in the Orem area, call Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry at 801-374-0070 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Chris Hammond. Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry is located at 3575 North 100 East, Suite 200 in Provo. We also provide comprehensive restorative and cosmetic dentistry. If you need affordable state-of-the-art dental care in Orem, let us tell you about our financing options.

Choosing A Dentist In Provo

Choosing A Dentist In Provo The American Dental Association offers some welcome advice for choosing a family dentistry practice in Provo. We have already talked about how word of mouth is an important factor in how many people find a dentist. Here are some things you should look for in an Provo dentist:

Location is always a factor when choosing a dentist in Provo. If you live in the Provo, Utah area, there are many options, and most Provo locations are not too far out of the way. While location plays an important role in convenience, many people are willing to drive a little farther for a better experience with their Provo dentist.

Relationship is a strong factor. Your Provo dentist should be approachable, and should make you feel comfortable when you are in the dentist chair. After all, your Provo dentist will be working very close with you to help you achieve a high level of oral hygiene; you most certainly will want to have a good, professional, comfortable relationship with your Provo dentist and the dental office staff.

Services offered is another important factor in choosing a dentist in Provo. Some dentists also offer cosmetic dentistry services such as teeth whitening or procelain veneers. Others provide corrective dentistry such as Invisalign invisible braces. Depending on your need, you may select a local Provo dentist who can solve your immediate concern. Bare in mind, however, that it is good to have a general dentist who can maintain your dental history and work with you through the years.

If you are looking for a dentist in Provo, please come by and speak with us. We can address your interest in any of these critical areas, and will be happy to introduce you to Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry.  We look forward to meeting you.

-Dr. Chris Hammond, DMD