“Have Your Dessert, Provo”

Have Your Dessert Provo

Your Provo dentist knows that it’s too much to ask that you never indulge in sugary treats, but they will tell you that eating sweets at certain times is better for your teeth than others. For instance, when you eat a full meal, your saliva production increases. This helps to rinse food particles from your mouth as well as neutralize the acids that cause plaque.

This is great news for dessert lovers in the Orem, Utah County, and Provo areas because it means that sweets consumed after meals have a lower risk to your teeth because your mouth is already in optimum cleansing mode.

Provo dentists agree that sweets after meals are preferable to sweets eaten between meals as snacks.

Also remember that what sweets you eat can be as important as when you eat them. Provo dentists are constantly reminding their dental patients that sticky candies stay on your teeth for a long time, even when your saliva is flowing. And hard candies that you suck on for an extended time give bacteria a perfect environment to create enamel-weakening acids.

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Provo Dental News: Poor Oral Health And Heart Disease

Top Provo Family Dentists Attention Provo dental patients: brushing twice daily may help lower your risk of heart disease. Utah scientists, dentists, and cardiologists have known for many years that there is a link between inflammation in the mouth (gum disease) and heart problems. However, a recent study analyzed oral health habits and heart disease risk. Science Daily reported on the study, which was published in the British Medical Journal.

We quote from the Science Daily article:

“The authors, led by Professor Richard Watt from University College London, analyzed data from over 11,000 adults who took part in a Scottish Health Survey. The research team analyzed data about lifestyle behaviors such as smoking, physical activity, and oral health routines.”

“Once the data was adjusted for established cardio risk factors, the researchers found that participants who reported less frequent toothbrushing had a 70 percent extra risk of heart disease compared to individuals who brushed their teeth twice a day.”

We are Dr. Hammond DDS of Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry. The Scottish survey is one of many that confirms the link between oral health and overall health. Simply put: you aren’t healthy unless your gums and teeth are healthy.

It doesn’t matter if you are a lean Provo distance runner with a pulse of fifteen beats a minute and a blood pressure of 100 over 60. It doesn’t matter if you are an Orem vegan who has eaten a nutritionally balanced, low-fat diet for the past five years. If you have inflamed gums and tooth decay, you are at risk for problems in other areas of your body.

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If you have a small child who has not visited a pediatric dentist in Provo yet, now is the time. My caring team and I will help keep your child’s smile beautiful for life.

To read the entire Science Daily article, see http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/05/100527204227.htm

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Is It Growing In Your Mouth?

Orem Invisalign

Believe it or not, plaque can rear its ugly head in any Provo mouth – even yours – no matter how meticulous you try to be. If you have deep grooves, watch out. If you have a receding gum line, watch out. If you are a candy-loving Provo resident with the proverbial sweet tooth, watch out.

The plaque process goes something like this:
Bacteria naturally occurs in the mouth, always will. Bacteria will try to colonize on the smooth surfaces of your teeth. At first, it will be soft enough to be removed with a fingernail. After 48 hours, it will start to harden. Give it 10 days and it will be that substance most difficult to remove, tartar. (See picture.) This bacteria will feed on sugars and produce acid that will eat away the tissues of the tooth and lead to cavities. Cavities will originate on the surface and spread on and through the tooth. The best way to deal with plaque is to have a consistent removal process, i.e. regular daily brushing and flossing after eating and even sleeping.

A fabulous smile with fabulous teeth isn’t always the reality for Orem, Utah County, American Fork, and Lehi folks. We encourage anyone in the Orem area who is unhappy with their smile to consider the benefits of a smile makeover.

Cosmetic dentistry can be a significant investment but the truth of just how much it will cost for veneers, braces, teeth whitening, and even dental implants may surprise you. At our Provo cosmetic dentistry office you can expect to learn about sedation dentistry, Invisalign, mini implants, dental crowns, porcelain veneers, and any number of other dental services.

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