Toothbrush Wars in Orem

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It may surprise you to know that some Orem people have very strong opinions about which type of toothbrush is the best: manual or electric. Is there really one that is clearly better? Most Orem cosmetic dentists will tell you that all toothbrushes, when used correctly, are effective in removing plaque and that choosing which kind you like is really up to you.

Today in the Orem family dentistry blog we want to give you some extra information about toothbrushes to help you decide which kind is right for you or your child.

Cost and convenience should be considered.
Some Orem people argue that even though electric toothbrushes cost more, you’ll save on dental bills. However, there are no definitive studies to back up this claim.

Manual toothbrushes are easy to find, whereas not all drugstores in the  Orem area carry all types of electric toothbrushes. This can be difficult when buying replacement heads. People who travel may find that a smaller, manual toothbrush is easier to pack (and you don’t have to remember batteries).

The pressure you put on your gums with either type of toothbrush is important. Some Orem residents say that it’s difficult to know how much pressure they use with electric toothbrushes, while others say that because of the quick electrical movements, they tend to be more gentle on their gums than when they use manual brushes. You may want to try them both to see what your brushing style is and discuss it with your Orem cosmetic dentist.

Special consideration should be taken for people with arthritis. Most area dentists advise their elderly and arthritic patients to use electric toothbrushes when their manual dexterity is diminished. As for children, once they are old enough, an electric toothbrush may be preferable, but safety should always be the first concern for parents. Also, all dentists in Orem and the surrounding areas will remind you to look for the ADA seal on any dental product you buy.

Whichever type of toothbrush you choose, make sure you get soft bristles and replace it every three to four months.

We’re Drs. Hammond and we want to thank you for visiting our Orem dental blog.

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Looking For A Dentist In Provo

General Dentistry Provo Looking for a general dentistry practice in Provo is sometimes a simple matter of word of mouth. The most common way for people to find a dentist in a new area such as Provo is to ask a friend or neighbor. ‘Who is your dentist?’ is a common question. The answer is usually followed up with an explanation about whether or not your friend likes their dentist or not, and whether they would recommend their Provo dentist to a friend.

We are Drs. Hammond, and we are cosmetic dentists serving the Provo community. Our practice is called ‘Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry’, and we welcome new patients from Provo and the surrounding areas.

If you are new to the Provo area and are looking for a cosmetic dentist, please come by our state of the art dental office. We will be happy to spend some time with you to get to know you, and to introduce you to our friendly and professional office staff.

We realize that most of our new patients will come to us by word-of-mouth referrals and our patient testimonials. It is our goal to deliver such a positive dental experience that you will be compelled to tell your friends about how happy you are with our family dentistry service.

We look forward to meeting you.

-Drs. Hammond, DMD


Remake Your Provo Smile With Bonding And Shaping

Cosmetic Dentistry Provo

Hello Provo friends of Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry! When you think about getting into shape, your teeth are probably not the first body parts that come to mind. But your Provo dentist may be able to improve your smile with bonding and enamel shaping, and you won’t even have to join a gym!

We’re Drs. Hammond, experienced Provo cosmetic and general dentistry specialists, and today on our dental blog we want to explain a little more about these relatively conservative cosmetic dentistry procedures that can improve your smile without major remodeling.

Bonding is a great way to improve the appearance of teeth that are cracked, stained, broken, chipped, or have large spaces between them. When teeth are bonded, your Provo cosmetic dentist applies tooth-colored materials, and “bonds” them to the tooth surface.

Usually used in conjunction with bonding, enamel shaping is the process of modifying teeth by contouring or removing enamel. Something my Provo area patients love about enamel shaping is that it’s quick, painless, and the often dramatic results are immediate.

If you are looking for quality, affordable Provo dental care, give us a call at 801-374-0070. Our friendly and professional dental team would be happy to answer any questions you have about any of our cosmetic dentistry procedures such as veneers and tooth whitening. We would love to explain the latest advances in porcelain veneers, Invisalign clear braces, and general dentistry and let you see our gallery of before and after photos of smile makeovers.

If it has been a while since you have treated your teeth to a deep cleaning, call today to book an appointment with the most gentle yet thorough dental hygienists in Provo!

Drs. Hammond
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Help Me Provo; I’m Afraid Of The Dentist!

Orem Sleep Dentistry If you are afraid of your Provo cosmetic dentist, you are not alone. At Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry, we encounter many nervous first-time Provo dental patients. How do we calm their fears, provide a comfortable dental environment and earn lifelong clients?

1) We carefully explain the findings of the initial dental examination and thoroughly outline any recommended procedures. The consultation also includes a discussion about pain control including oral conscious sedation medications. This allows our general dentistry clients to make informed decisions about their oral health and necessary dental procedures.

2) Drs. Hammond practice gentle, pain-free dentistry. Provo cosmetic dentistry treatment will not begin until you are numb. Keep in mind, however, that every dentistry patient reacts to numbing agents and sedation medications differently.

Speak up quickly if you start to feel discomfort. We will pause treatment, administer additional analgesic and wait until it takes effect. At Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry, we never rush cosmetic dental or restorative procedures.

We will do our best to make you comfortable, whether you are receiving dental veneers, undergoing crown-lengthening treatment, having your teeth whitened, or replacing your old silver fillings.

3) We provide many in-office amenities at Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry which help our dental patients focus on something pleasant during cosmetic dental treatment. Not every Provo dental patient chooses sedation dentistry. Sometimes chemical-free diversions such as listening to your favorite music provide a diversion while letting you remain clear-headed.

At Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry, we understand dental anxiety and will help you overcome it. We are located at 3575 N 100 E, Ste 200, Provo, UT 84604.

To schedule a friendly consultation, call 801-374-0070 or visit

Looking For The Best Provo Dental Practice?

Looking For The Best Provo Dental Practice?Hello Provo dental friends. Welcome to my Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry blog. This site is for my remarkable patients and anyone in the Provo area who is seeking:

  • A smile makeover
  • A family dentist who is great with children
  • Quick solutions to any immediate oral problems
  • A dental practice that focuses on preventative care
  • An experienced cosmetic dentist who uses the latest materials and techniques
  • A friendly dental atmosphere with amenities that make your visit comfortable and as pleasant as possible

I am Dr. Hammond of Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry. We are currently accepting new patients at our elite dental practice which is located at 3575 N 100 E, Ste 200 in Provo, Utah. We have been practicing preventative, restorative,cosmetic and family dentistry since 1996. We are members of American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

I promise you that the tooth restorations (crowns, dental bridges, porcelain veneers) we fabricate in our Provo lab will look as beautiful as your natural teeth did at their best. Many of our area cosmetic dental patients believe that their smile redesigns look far better than they had imagined.

Don’t just dream about the smile of your dreams. At Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry, your Dream Smile becomes a reality. We look forward to being your Provo dentists of choice.

Call 801-374-0070 today to schedule an evaluation.

Dr. Hammond
Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry
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The Dangers of Oral Piercing

The Dangers of Oral Piercing If you live in the Provo area and are considering puncturing your lip or tongue, read this:

Your mouth is full of bacteria. Any opening in the tissue carries the risk of infection. The germs from your tongue and mouth can easily get into your bloodstream. Provo cosmetic dentists and doctors are continually treating serious infections caused by oral piercings. Oral infections can be a real problem, and should be a major consideration before getting an oral piercing.

Tooth Damage
It should come as no surprise that having a piece of metal bang around in your mouth can easily chip tooth enamel. Though tooth enamel is amazingly strong, once it’s chipped or cracked, it can only be restored with artificial material. Fortunately, Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry in Provo offers many tooth restoration options such as dental crowns and fillings, but our advice is to avoid the problem if you can.

Prolonged Bleeding and Swelling
The blood vessels in the tongue are often damaged when the tongue is pierced, causing prolonged bleeding and possible build-up of scar tissue. In some cases, the tongue swells up enough to block the airway.

Gum Recession
A number of periodontal disease studies have shown that wearing oral jewelry is linked to periodontal disease which can result in tooth loss. Periodontal disease, or ‘gum disease’, can cause gum recession and exposes the root of your teeth, potentially causing hyper sensitivity and pain. Again, our advice is to avoid the problem right from the start.

These are just a few of the dangers. Drs. Hammond at Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry can give you more information about the risks of oral piercings. If you already have damage, call 801-374-0070 to schedule a consultation.

Porcelain Veneers and Instant Orthodontics For Provo

Provo Porcelain Veneers and Instant Orthodontics If you have been paying attention to the Provo orthodontics scene in recent years, you probably know about invisible braces and speed braces. These new teeth straightening procedures have been welcomed by many people, especially Provo adults who want an alternative to traditional metal braces.

There’s more good news for Provo dentistry clients who want to straighten their teeth. How about ‘instant orthodontics’?

If you want immediate teeth straightening, you can smile sooner with porcelain veneers from Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry!

The key to achieving a celebrity smile may be porcelain veneers for your teeth from a Provo cosmetic dentist. Drs. Hammond at Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry can help you determine if porcelain veneer dentistry is for you. Ongoing education is essential for elite cosmetic dentists who work to continually provide the latest procedures and materials for their cosmetic and orthodontic clients. We can help.

In addition to correcting tooth alignment, porcelain veneers are used to whiten teeth and restore chipped teeth in Provo. Dental veneers are attached to the front of teeth and often require no removal of healthy tooth structure. Another advantage? They are less expensive than complete dental crown restorations but look just as natural. -Actually, they look far better than most natural teeth!

For an instant orthodontic consultation, call Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry at 801-374-0070. Porcelain veneers may be the best way for you to receive a smile makeover at a fraction of the cost.

Tooth Whitening Dentistry In Provo

Tooth Whitening Dentistry In Provo

Tooth whitening has really taken off in Provo. It has become a popular dental procedure and can provide excellent results if done properly.

There are a lot of options when it comes to tooth whitening. You can choose from a selection of over-the-counter options that you can get at your local pharmacy, or can go to a professional to get a complete tooth whitening solution.

It is a good idea to consult with your dentist before getting tooth whitening, regardless of whether you choose to use an over-the-counter product. Your dentist will be able to help you understand the results you can expect, and can help recommend a product that will work for you.

There are many variables when it comes to tooth whitening. The color of your teeth at the beginning of your treatment will make a difference for your ending result. Different tooth whitening treatments will each produce a different result. Your Provo cosmetic dentist has experience with tooth coloration and the types of treatments available.

In many cases, your Provo dentist will be able to provide you with a tooth whitening solution that you can take home with you. In some cases, your Provo dentist may recommend a professional treatment that is done at the dentist’s office such as Zoom whitening.

Professional tooth whitening can produce dramatic results in a single treatment, and is often done over a few treatments.

Tooth whitening is less expensive than it was in the earlier days of tooth whitening technology. Today, tooth whitening treatments are very affordable, and don’t take the time they used to.

If you are interested in a tooth whitening consultation in the Provo area, please call Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry and make an appointment to see me. We will be happy to give you a check up, assess your tooth color, and recommend teeth whitening treatments that may be right for you.

-Dr. Chris Hammond

Seeking A Relationship In Provo?

Affordable Orem Cosmetic Dentistry Are you one of the many Orem singles looking for a significant other? Perhaps you recently broke off a dysfunctional partnership and are determined to make a better choice this time around. I’m not talking about a relationship with a girlfriend, boyfriend, or spouse – I’m talking about something equally important – your relationship with your Provo dentist. (…I admit my obvious bias.)

Why did you break up with your last Provo dentist? Did he/she cause you fear, guilt and pain? Perhaps you quit seeing your dentist because it was a love-hate relationship – you hated going and he/she loved making you wait. Was your previous Provo cosmetic dentist insensitive to your concerns? Was he/she a poor communicator? Perhaps you have simply moved into the Provo area and need a new provider.

We are Dr. Chris Hammond of Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry in Provo. I understand that many patients are nervous (okay – downright terrified) about dental visits. I also realize that no client wants to be given a shameful lecture about their oral health.

Though I have years of experience and extensive training on all the latest cosmetic dental procedures, there are some things that can’t be learned in dental school; how to build trusting relationships with your patients and create a relaxed atmosphere in your dental practice. I understand that Provo dental clients can feel very vulnerable as they lie in the chair with their mouth open. My staff and I maintain a friendly environment in our pleasant office. We manage our practice carefully to minimize waiting and provide ample time for each valued patient.

Effective communication is a priority. I make sure my Provo dentistry patients understand their restorative and cosmetic options and answer all their questions before we develop a treatment plan.  We provide cosmetic dentistry services such as teeth whitening and dental implants.

If you are currently seeking a considerate, experienced, and sensitive Provo dentist, I look forward to meeting you. My phone number is 801-374-0070. You can learn more about me at /about.htm


Why You Need a Genuine Cosmetic Dentist

Provo Teeth Bleaching An Orem cosmetic surgeon has specialized schooling in addition to the training a general surgeon completes. Likewise, a true cosmetic dentist has completed rigorous courses in addition to dental school. Of course, many Orem general dentists also offer cosmetic dentistry treatment.

Teeth whitening, crowns, porcelain veneers, and dental bonding are some of the common procedures in the Orem, Utah area.

In many cases, Orem general dentists achieve excellent results. However, there is a difference between adequate results and incredible results. Orem cosmetic dentists have the skills and experience to create absolutely beautiful smiles.

You have probably seen attractive front teeth dental crowns performed by a general dentist. They are often perfectly shaped, correctly aligned and pleasingly white. But have you ever seen front teeth crowns done by a true artist? The color, translucency, and texture take the crowns to the ultimate level of breathtaking beauty.

We are Dr. Chris Hammond of Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry in Provo. We would love to tell you the specifics about my experience and specific training in the specialty of cosmetic dentistry. We can show you photos of cosmetic procedures performed by competent general dentists and you can compare them with photos of some of my actual Orem cosmetic dentistry patients.

For a cosmetic dentistry consultation, call 801-374-0070 today.