Family Activities

Brushing Chart
1) Print a copy of the Brushing Chart here.
2) Post the chart in your bathroom by your sink.
3) Color in the sun when you brush in the morning and the moon when you brush at night.

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Tooth Health Activity
1) Print a copy of each tooth and cut out if you would like to. (download tooth 1 here) (download tooth 2 here)
2) Add a happy face to the white tooth and a sad face to the yellow tooth.
3) Find a magazine and cut out healthy foods and unhealthy foods.
4) Glue the healthy foods onto the white tooth and the unhealthy foods to the yellow tooth.
**Another idea would be to laminate the teeth and the foods and keep them to use as a great sorting activity to use over and over.
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Mouth Activity
1) Print a copy of the mouth. (download here)
2) Cut out little squares of white paper.
3) Glue the squares in the mouth for the teeth.
**Another fun idea is to glue mini marshmallows!
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Sequencing Activity
1) Print a copy of the toothbrushes. (download here)
2) Cut the toothbrushes out and laminate if you wish.
3) Have your child put in order of biggest to smallest or smallest to biggest.
**Another idea is to have them count how many toothbrushes there are.
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Word Match Activity
1) Print the page. (download here)
2) Cut the words off the bottom and cut out the individual words.
3) Match the words with the correct pictures and glue them in place.
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Color the Doc
1) Print the page. (download here)
2) Color it in.
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